Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the beginning...

.....there were plastic bags shoved underneath my sink and it pissed me off. Why did I horde them? Why couldn't I stop using them when I went grocery shopping or got take out? Even now when I hand out bags at the fast food restaurant I work at I think," Does this person really need a styrofoam container AND a plastic bag to carry food back stocked with plastic silverware sets wrapped in more plastic with extra paper napkins to shovel a greasy meal they will devour in 10 minutes or less.

But, I am a hypocrite. I have to say before I made art about plastic bags, the only use I had them was as follows: 1. liner for the little waste basket in the bathroom; 2. a bag for dog/cat poop collection; 3. carrying my lunch to school when my lunch box smelled icky.

So why sheep? Well, I originally wanted to do the Maori of Easter Island with the plastic bags, but I was told that not as many people would relate to them as well as something that we could all figure out in second. So sheep it was, we are sheep, everyone else is sheep, we all know what it means, I just need to get these bags out from under my sink, now..

I drew sketches...

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